Coens To Head Deeper Into Westerns

The Coen Brothers have spread themselves to just about every end of the filmmaking spectrum over the course of their career. From remakes of classic literature (O’ Brother, Where Art Thou) to stylized comedy (The Hudsucker Proxy) to more serious drama (Fargo), there doesn’t seem to be anything the filmmaking duo won’t do. In fact, they’ve found the one area they don’t feel like they’ve explored thoroughly and are planning their next picture – a Spaghetti Western.

Although the current film in theaters for the Coens, No Country For Old Men is kind of a Western, WENN reports that the brothers want to go all out in Spaghetti Western style, including going even further on content that won’t be for the weak of heart, with primitive torture methods used in the battle between cowboys and Indians.

Joel Coen warns: ”We've written a western with a lot of violence in it. There's scalping and hanging ... it's good. Indians torturing people with ants, cutting their eyelids off.” Of course, this being the Coen brothers, you know that will be graphic in its depiction and not just an implied violence. Still, the intent is not to make a horror picture, but a Western says Ethan Coen: "It's a proper western, a real western, set in the 1870s. It's got a scene that no one will ever forget because of one particular chicken."

So, next up for the Coens, a Spaghetti Western with loads of violence and torture, and you’ll know when to cringe when you see the chicken. How’s that for providing details and remaining vague about the whole thing? Now everyone’s going to get nervous whenever they see a chicken in the brothers’ next movie.