It would seem that Spike Lee is really going all out in the casting process for his remake of Oldboy. The film is already set to star Josh Brolin, who will play the central protagonist in the movie, and even though she ended up not signing on, the production took a keen interest in bringing Rooney Mara on to play the female lead. The same rule can be applied to the role of the villain as well. It was previously rumored that Christian Bale, who won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar at last year's Academy Awards, was being eyed to take the role, but now they've taken it a step higher: they're going after the Best Actor Oscar winner.

According to Twitch, the site that first reported the news about Spike Lee and Josh Brolin, the Oldboy remake has sent an offer to Colin Firth to star as the antagonist. In the film, a man (Brolin) is kidnapped an imprisoned for 15 years. When he is released, he is given a cell phone, clothes and some money, and goes on a mission of revenge, trying to find the man responsible for taking away so many years of his life. The site says that the villain, named Woo-jin Lee and played played by Ji-tae Yu in the original, goes by the name of Adrian.

I feel I say this every time I write up a story about the Oldboy remake, but here it goes again: I still don't understand why they are making this movie, but at least they are putting in every effort to make sure that it's the best movie they can make. The quality of actors that they're going for is off the charts, however, I do still have my reservations about Mark Protosevich (I Am Legend, The Cell) writing the script. What do you all think of Colin Firth potentially playing the villain in the remake?


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