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Concept Art For Terminator: Salvation

Since Warner Bros. chose not to run any trailers during the Super Bowl, last night was not our opportunity to get closer looks at Terminator: Salvation. But if you need your John Connor fix, Wired has an amazing feature with movie stills, concept art, and an interview with McG about how he went about getting away with yet another Terminator movie.

First of all, I love how candid and self-aware McG is about his role on the movie. "Nobody heard 'Terminator 4' and said, 'Oh that's a great idea -- I know, let's get McG to do it! This asshole who did Charlie's Angels, and what kind of cock calls himself McG?'"

He then runs through the exclusive concept art, explaining how, given where this story takes place in the Terminator timeline, they're still working on getting the androids to the point where they look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. He also shares a detail about how he got Christian Bale to star in the movie, and what his demands for the script were. "He said, 'I'm not interested in action, I'm not interested in pyrotechnics, I'm interested in story. If you can get the script to a place where actors on stage could just read it, naked, and it would be compelling for two hours because the characters change and evolve, then we'd have something to talk about." After getting Jonathan Nolan to take a pass at the script, McG finally got Bale on board.

Check out the full article at Wired, and join me in being more excited about this feature than that overblown Transformers trailer last night.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend