Could Zac Efron Ruin Back To The Future?

OK, Efron haters, I finally have a foolproof way to get you on to my team-- provided Zac doesn't screw it up. Want to know the favorite movie of a kid born in 1987, not old enough to remember the days of Pepsi Free, Huey Lewis and the News or even Ronald Reagan? Want to know what kind of car this kid owns, even though he could afford plenty others that would get up to 88 mph without the aid of a Mr. Fusion?

That's right: Zac Efron loves Back to the Future. See, don't you have a little more respect for him now? Cinematical picked up this tidbit via Teen Hollywood, which took Efron's admission of love for the classic trilogy to mean that he would happily play Marty in a remake.

Wait, what's that? A remake? That's how Efron could squander all of this goodwill-- making a remake of a movie that should remain classic and untouched for the rest of time. If he knows what's good for him-- and lets face it, he was smart enough to bail on a Footloose remake-- he will leave the DeLorean in his own garage, and be content with spending his weekends with the DVD set, leaving the Back to the Future legacy unspoiled.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend