Creature From The Black Lagoon Remake Not Dead

I remember Creature from the Black Lagoon. As a kid I thought it was a comedy. Apparently it’s a much loved, classic horror movie. Now it’s being remade, and hopefully in this incarnation they’ll come up with effects good enough to send kids running to hide behind the couch, instead of leaving them in their beanbags rolling with gleeful laughter.

The news of this particular remake comes from ShockTillYouDrop, where they say the do-over is being spearheaded by Breck Eisner. At it happens, Breck Eisner has been saying he’ll do this movie since way back when we first reported his involvement in 2005. Now though, Eisner says it’s really really happening. He’s not kidding!

In fact, they’ve been scouting locations, deep in the darkest Amazon, in Peru, and even in Brazil where they no doubt took a side trip to check out those famed Brazilian women. Or at least that’s what I would have done in their place, if I had a studio budget and a trip to South America planned. I wonder if the Creature from the Black Lagoon could become Creature from the Nude Beaches of Brazil? It would be like those travel guides hosted by Michael Palin, excepted hosted by a guy with webbed toes and a bad temper. Actually, maybe that would make it more like Borat.

You can read more of STYD’s (sounds like a disease when you abbreviate it doesn’t it?) interview with Breck Eisner over there.

Josh Tyler