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David Gordon Green, who started off as the would-be successor to Terrence Malick and last made the flop comedy The Sitter, is anything but predictable, which is why we shouldn't be shocked by his latest weird choice. But, hell, I can't help it-- I totally, totally never expected Green to take on an adaptation of Little House on the Prairie.

No, seriously-- I know it sounds like a MadLibs experiment gone wrong, but Green really is planning a Little House on the Prairie movie, with Deadline reporting that Sony Pictures is in negotiations to take on the project, and none other than heavyweight producer Scott Rudin ready to take it on. Little House is best known from the 1970s TV series as well as the original books by Laura Ingalls Wilder, chronicling her difficult but fascinating childhood growing up on homesteads in Kansas, Minnesota, and South Dakota. The stories are beloved by generations of mostly female fans, and it actually makes sense for there to be a new feature film version for fans not at all familiar with the TV series.

But for David Gordon Green to be the one to take it on? It didn't seem at all like the direction he was headed, after comedies like The Sitter and Your Highness, and a chunk of time spent developing a remake of the horror film Suspiria, which was on track as recently as April of this year. And it was just last month that Nicolas Cage signed on to star in Green's Southern-tinged drama Joe.

The Little House film still seems to be in the early stages of development, which gives Green plenty of time to finish Joe. If he can tap back in to the filmmaker he was for George Washington and All The Real Girls, he really has the potential to revive the classic Little House stories for modern audiences. But is he still that guy? Let us know in the comments if you think this oddball pairing of director and material can pan out.

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