With rumors—and sometimes video—emerging of fiery conflicts on his sets, David O. Russell has never been considered an actor's director. Nevertheless, there are performers who seem drawn to his filmmaking passion, despite his particularly intense directing style. Following their first collaboration on Three Kings, Russell and Mark Wahlberg went on to reteam for the offbeat comedy I Heart Huckabees and the Oscar-winning drama The Fighter. In fact, Wahlberg was Russell's first pick for the bipolar protagonist at the center of his latest effort, Silver Linings Playbook. But when plans didn't gel for his participation, Wahlberg was out and Bradley Cooper stepped in to star opposite The Hunger Games' Jennifer Lawrence.

The darkly comic feature is inciting frenzied buzz out of the Toronto International Film Festival. This building good word could translate into award season momentum, which would be a first for the Hangover star. But that's not the only arena that Cooper's growing his career. He's also expanded into producing, first with his thriller vehicle Limitless, then with Silver Linings Playbook, and next up is the Navy SEAL drama American Sniper.

But what does this have to do with Russell? Well, he's just told THR that after years of talking about working together, he was glad to get the chance to collaborate with Cooper, and is eager to do it again. First, the pair will reteam on an untitled project—formerly known as American Bullshit--slated to shoot this February that will also star Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner. And following that, he may helm Cooper's American Sniper. He tells THR:

"We've also discussed American Sniper, a property Bradley has acquired. I'm really excited to work with him again. He is like an athlete who wants to burst out of the blocks and wants to stretch in all these new ways."

Maybe it takes an athlete to endure Russell's process.

Silver Linings Playbook will open November 21st.

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