Did Bill Clinton Just Film A Cameo For The Hangover 2?

When most presidents leave the White House, they write books, make public appearances, back political candidates and basically just live the good life. Very few, however (Read: none) decide to take their notoriety to the world of film. Apparently nobody told Bill Clinton.

TMZ spies took photos of the United States' 42nd president in Thailand and are reporting that he has filmed a cameo for next summer's expected comedy blockbuster The Hangover 2. According to the article, people "associated with the film" told them that the former president was merely there to watch the action, but cite an unnamed source who told them that Clinton shot a cameo in the film.

There is photographic evidence of Clinton being on set (as you can see above), so the only question is whether or not he will actually appear in the movie. It would be one thing if this film was a serious drama or even a romantic comedy, but it would be quite shocking to see a former president in a movie directed by Todd Phillips. Then again, the director did get James Carville, Clinton's lead campaign strategist, to show up in Old School, so who knows how much reach he actually has.

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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