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Dinner for Schmucks may have a problem: Steve Carell isn’t weird enough. Compared to the other guys in the trailers and in these clips you’ll see below, Steve Carell’s Schmuck character almost seems normal. But I suppose he had to be more relatable than the others, so that you’d care. It’s kind of hard to sympathize with a guy who eats vulture vomit, or with Zach Galifianakis’s wacked out, mind control character. But in these clips, Rudd’s theoretically normal character seems almost as weird as Carell’s, well, weirdo. At one point below, you’ll even see Rudd doing a close approximation of the Worm.

Here they are, four extremely strange clips from Dinner for Schmucks.

Dinner for Schmucks hits theaters July 30th. For more info and images visit our Dinner for Schmucks preview.

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