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Somehow we've found ourselves in a world in which Disney is creating brand-new stories for their animated films, and Pixar is content to recycle a bunch of old ones. As the (admittedly lovely) prequel Monsters Inc. prepares to arrive in theaters this Friday, Pixar's parent Disney has unveiled the first teaser trailer for Frozen, the latest effort from Walt Disney Animation Studios. The title card in the very beginning reminds you that these are the people who last brought us Wreck It Ralph, and who are now creating a whole new fantasy world with new characters to populate it. So, OK, Frozen is technically based on the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale "The Snow Queen," but since that's not exactly a household name that comes with instant brand recognition, we're going to give them the original stamp anyway.

Although, from watching his trailer, you'd never really know about any of that originality, since the entire point seems to be to introduce kids to the "funny snowman named Olaf" and the reindeer names Sven, two sidekicks who guide our heroes Anna (voiced by Kristen Bell) and Kristoff (Jonathan Groff) on their journey across a frozen kingdom. The trailer here basically plays out like one of the Ice Age Scrat shorts, and tells us literally nothing about the film's story itself. Do kids just not like trailer with actual plots? Or do they not want to confuse young ones who have settled in for Monsters University by trying to give them another story entirely?

If you want a look at the actual humans in Frozen, we got a look at some concept art not long ago, as part of an article in which co-directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee talk about the amount of detail that went into designing the icy world, and the story of sisters that makes up the film's emotional heart. Hey, emotional heart! Maybe that's the kind of thing they can show off in the next trailer if they want adults to see this alongside their kids.

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