There's been much turmoil in the time-space continuum since the news broke yesterday that Harry Potter director David Yates might be rebooting the Time Lord as a movie. The story originated in Variety, which claimed that Yates was working with the BBC on the project, and that it would abandon the nearly 50 years of continuity behind the TV series. Just like the "reboot" Battlestar Galactica and Buffy the Vampire Slayer movies in the works, it would take the name and concept only, leaving behind the specifics of the shows that actually made those names popular in the first place. Needless to say, many loyal Doctor Who fans were less than thrilled by the idea. But hold on, folks, Yates might be getting ahead of himself a bit.

As Giant Freakin' Robot points out, numerous Who-related entities, including the BBC itself, suggest that any potential Doctor Who movie is, at the very least, a long way off. Both the BBC's official Twitter feed and that of BBC executive director Edward Russell were quick to throw some water on the flames of fanboy rage. Russell explained that talk of a Who movie was nothing new, and that it might happen, "Maybe one day. But not right now!" The official BBC Twitter offered an even more official-sounding response that pointed out that the project has barely even left the starting gate:

A Doctor Who feature film remains in development w/ BBC Worldwide Productions in LA. As of yet no script, cast or production crew in place.

So yes, there's a Doctor Who movie in development, but being in development is most assuredly not the same thing as "coming soon to a theater near you." Yates is attached, sure, but directors come and go on in-development projects like commuters through a busy train terminal. They haven't even found a writer yet. Doctor Who Magazine even dismissed the news as "just the same rumours which have been going round for years."

Will we eventually get a Doctor Who movie? Maybe. Maybe not. Either way, it's likely a long way down the pike, and it doesn't sound like our beloved TV series is in imminent danger. It's a recognizable name, even amongst many people who've never seen an episode. Hollywood is so desperate for ideas it'll snatch up anything with name recognition, so we really shouldn't be surprised by any of this.

Besides, it's not like it's the first time this sort of thing has happened...

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