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Download The First Five Tracks From Trent Reznor's Social Network Score

Back in 1995, David Fincher directed his second feature film, Se7en, a crime thriller that has since become a cult classic. Over the opening credits of that film, the song "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails played and set the entire tone for the film. Fifteen years later, the lead singer of Nine Inch Nails, Trent Reznor, along with composer Atticus Ross, have scored Fincher's newest film, The Social Network, and now you can get your first listen of it.

I received an email from Reznor himself announcing not only the release of the score, but that starting today, people can download the first five tracks from the album.

A site will be going live tomorrow (9/17) allowing the public to get these same tracks for free and take pre-orders for the entire record, which will be released 9/28. We're offering a variety of physical formats (including an audio Blu-Ray with 5.1 and high quality stereo) and we've partnered with Amazon to allow the price of the digital release to be $2.99 for the full album (19 tracks) download.Anyway, this has been an interesting new discipline for me to work in and I'm pleased with the process and the result. The film opens October 1st and really turned out great. Thanks for your time.Trent Reznor

You can download the songs here, and having both heard the audio files alone and seeing them in context with the film, I can tell you that it works perfectly. While it doesn't sound at all like Nine Inch Nails, the score seems to be very electronic, which sets the mood of the film. I will also say that his mix of "In The Hall of the Mountain King" (track 12, which isn't included in the preview) will blow your mind. Check it out!

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