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Dumb & Dumber: Where Harry And Lloyd Will Be In 20 Years

Within the continuity of the franchise, Dumb and Dumber To is set a full 20 years after the events of the first movie – but you wouldn’t necessarily recognize that from the maturity of its main characters. Jeff Daniels’ Harry Dunne and Jim Carrey’s Lloyd Christmas have not mentally progressed at all in two decades and their antics fully demonstrate it. But what if we catch up with them in 20 years from now? Will they be smarter or more socially adept at all?

I wouldn’t count on it – particularly given recent comments made by both directors Peter and Bobby Farrelly as well as Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey. In separate press conferences held in Los Angeles this past weekend, the filmmakers and actors were both asked where they think we can expect Harry and Lloyd to be in 2034, and both groups had the exact same answer: they won’t change at all.

Paired with Jim Carrey, Jeff Daniels got the ball rolling, saying that he thinks that "they’ll be exactly the same." Carrey followed up with his own comedic response, imagining that Lloyd will possibly lose an eye in a bar fight, but then cut right to the heart of what the future has in store but his character and his moronic friend:

" They don’t have an arc. There’s no arc. There’s no arc for these two. They’re going to fall into their graves stupid."

Echoing this sentiment by saying that Harry and Lloyd will be "like little boys all their lives," Bobby Farrelly added that the only difference is that they will be "much older and greyer" (Daniels will be 79 and Carrey will be 72). Peter Farrelly, however, was a bit more poetical about the two characters in his response, noting that what Dumb and Dumber really is at its core is a romance.

"When you cut away all the jokes, all this really is is a love story between those two guys – ‘cause that’s all they have. They don’t have anything. They have no jobs, they have no friends, they have nothing. Just each other. And that is what each one is about. It’s a little love story between these two guys. So we’d be curious to see what happens next time.

As to whether or not we will actually ever get to see a third Dumb and Dumber movie, however, is obviously the big question. Peter and Bobby Farrelly both expressed interest in making a second sequel 20 years down the line – the former noting that it feels fitting that this series would be a trilogy – but it likely all depend on how Dumb and Dumber To does this weekend. So if you want to vote for the series’ future, you may want to buy a ticket.

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