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Moon director Duncan Jones is getting ready to debut his new sci-fi film Source Code at the SXSW Film Festival in March, and that movie's success (or lack thereof) will probably determine what the director is able to do next. Before he started work on Source Code he was putting together two different projects, an original screenplay called Mute that would include a cameo from Moon star Sam Rockwell, and an adaptation of a book about soldiers escaping from a sunken submarine in World War II.

Now you can narrow down his future options a little further; talking to a fan on Twitter, Jones revealed that he's no longer working on the submarine project Escape From the Deep, but he is hoping to set up one of two projects to do next, and Mute is one of them. No telling what the second project might be, though given that Jones is pretty free with information on Twitter, he's probably keeping that one under wraps on purpose for a while. After opening SXSW Source Code will go wide in theaters on April 1; for a taste of what Jones will definitely be showing us next, check out the Source Code trailer below.

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