The first batch of Tron: Legacy reviews have started hitting the internet and, despite a lot of worry and consternation on the part of fans, so far the early buzz is almost entirely good. 4 out of the five reviews posted so far aren’t just positive, they’re glowing. Pure adoration from people who were almost entirely blown away by what they saw. And while even the most positive reviews recognized a few flaws in the film, what seems clear is that Joseph Kosinski has created a deep, rich, visually stunning world that you’ll not only want to see at least once in theaters, but two or three times to really get a grasp on what’s going on.

Or at least that’s the early word on the film, so far. We’ll have the first of our reviews up here on Cinema Blend early next week. Make sure you check back to see what we have to say as we’re finally allowed to chime in on the subject of Tron: Legacy. In the meantime, here’s a few excerpts from some of the early Tron: Legacy reviews.
“What viewers will get, regardless of their relationship with the 1982 film, is a thrilling, moving 3D adventure that will leave you wanting more.” - Matt Fowler, IGN

“If you're a fan like me, it's worth seeing for both the nostalgia and the debate you're going to have after the film. If you're not, it's worth seeing for the visuals.” - Jenna Busch, JoBlo

“'Tron: Legacy' is a surprising film for many reasons, not the least of which being that it contains more substance than is easily explored – if also to some extent, articulated - in just one viewing.” - Todd Gilchrist, Moviefone

“I can't imagine this film will inspire any real passion in new viewers, and even those who love to wallow in nostalgia will find their goodwill tested by it. "TRON: Legacy" exists as sad proof that this franchise's real legacy is pretty pictures and little else.” - HitFix

“I LOVE THIS STUFF!” - Harry Knowles, AICN

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