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It's Fourth of July weekend and I'm in New York City working, which is enough to make anyone desperate for a tropical vacation. But even considering that I'm particularly fragile right now, the new trailer for Eat Pray Love, running in front of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse this weekend and available in HD at, is pretty effective. It's a movie about beautiful Julia Roberts traveling to three beautiful countries and eventually hooking up with Javier Bardem, and yet somehow the movie doesn't make me blind with envy-- it just makes me honestly believe that seeing the movie will be the closest I can get to taking that vacation myself.

Yes, I know, I'm playing right into their hands, but what can I say-- I'm sold. Check out the new trailer below, which hits pretty much all the same beats as the first trailer with some extra Viola Davis, James Franco, Richard Jenkins and Javier Bardem thrown in for your time. Yeah, it's a holiday weekend-- you know you have nothing better to do than fantasize about vacation with me.

Watch in glorious HD at

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