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Ed Burns may be going back to his roots in more ways than one. The actor and director, known for his work both behind and in front of the camera on the 1995 film The Brothers McMullen, is reportedly looking to put together another film about an Irish Catholic family from Long Island, this one with a holiday theme.

Part of what launched Burns’ career in the movie business was The Brothers McMullen, a film about three Irish Catholic brothers on Long Island. The focus of the movie, which he wrote, in addition to starring, directing and producing, likely hit close to home for Burns, as he grew up on Long Island in an Irish Catholic family. The success of the film included the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival, in addition to helping Burns make a name for himself as an actor and a director. Now it looks like he’ll be revisiting the concept, not with a sequel, but with a new film about an Irish Catholic family.

Per WENN, Burns’ new project will follow an Irish Catholic family on Long Island during the holidays. While the parents are divorced, the the father wants to return home for the holidays. From what Burns says, the family is divided on the decision...
“Half of the siblings still love him and half of them hate him and want nothing to do with him. The mother hates the father most of all and refuses to have him over for Christmas and the family has to figure out a way to convince the other siblings and their mom to let dad spend Christmas with them.”

The Brothers McMullen’s Mike McGlone is among the cast of the film, which according to WENN, is being planned for next year.

There’s definitely potential for a story like this, especially when factoring in Burns’ background and the cultural element that’s likely to be brought into the story, the success of Brothers McMullen and the holiday backdrop. While this story sounds like it’ll be independent from The Brothers McMullen, revisiting the concept with a new family and adding in the holidays could make for a great movie.