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It used to be that if you won a Best Actor or Actress trophy at the Academy Awards, you fell victim to the "Oscar Curse" and made a horrific film as a follow up to your golden spoils. Judging by the general outlook most viewers had shared about Jupiter Ascending, it looks like Eddie Redmayne got his cursed movie out of the way before making his award-winning performance in The Theory Of Everything. As production has wrapped on The Danish Girl, but not yet started on Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, the Academy Award winner looks like he's making sure to keep himself busy for the foreseeable future.

The Tracking Board has announced that Redmayne is being sought after for New Line Cinema's L. Frank Baum biopic, Road To Oz. Written by Josh Golden, the film will detail "the early days of the author" behind the series of books that inspired The Wizard Of Oz and all of its successors. Since biopics like this tend to attract Academy Award-winning talent, as well as those who seek a nomination, it's no surprise that Eddie Redmayne has been recruited to play another wizard... albeit, one more based in reality.

Redmayne is an excellent choice for the role of L. Frank Baum, and even his performance in Jupiter Ascending attests to how finely his acting chops have been honed. But while he's a good candidate to consider for the role of the literary giant, he's not a total lock at this point. Keep in mind, while New Line and Warner Bros. might be family, you can bet that WB will remind its subsidiary that the Harry Potter spinoffs the actor is committed to hold priority. If there's room for some creative scheduling, Eddie Redmayne could have his cake and eat it, too. If not, then it looks like New Line will have to go back to their contact list for another prime candidate.

Road To Oz is an interesting move for New Line Cinema to make, especially after announcing that they are also embarking on a Nightmare On Elm Street reboot in the near future. The formerly independent studio looks like it's trying to make a comeback with an ambitious slate of projects, and crafting an almost surefire awards contender is a good way to kick off such an effort. Of course, this effort depends on who New Line finds to direct the picture, as no other key players have been recruited just yet.

Eddie Redmayne's star looks to continue its rise into the rarefied air of the greats, and Road To Oz could bring him there that much quicker. While The Danish Girl seems poised to be Redmayne's next acting nod at the Oscars, playing L. Frank Baum is a good back up plan in case that doesn't work. More importantly, it's another chance for Redmayne to impress audiences with his transformative skills as he'll have to drop his native accent for something more American. There's no set date for production to start, but as soon as we hear something new, you'll be the first to know!

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