World Cup Fever has hit America (or... most of America?) and in the past week soccer/football has firmly established itself as truly the biggest sport in the world. Now is the best time for Hollywood to catch on an obvious-as-hell trend, and they're doing it in a big way. Coming off Edge Of Tomorrow, Doug Liman is going to remake Victory.

The Hollywood Reporter claims that Gavin O'Connor is writing a redo of the classic soccer/football hit Victory for Doug Liman to direct. Set during World War II, the movie finds British and French P.O.W.'s competing against the German National Team in a soccer/football match while also plotting a daring escape. The original Victory, alternately called Escape To Victory, was released in 1981, and starred an eclectic cast including Sylvester Stallone, Michael Caine and Pele. Yes, that Pele. The trailer is below. Yes, ladies, Michael Caine was once a real swingin' dude.

Soccer/football has had a rough time breaking out into mainstream movies, and usually it's used as the background for another issue. Many of the highest-grossing soccer/football movies are like Will Ferrell's Kicking And Screaming, which found the comedy star playing a soccer/football coach trying to find common ground with his ornery father (Robert Duvall). The highest-grossing soccer/football film that actually feels like it's about soccer/football is Bend It Like Beckham, which grossed $76 million at the global box office.

While there might be a question of profitability, Liman is riding high with a possible $400 million final tally for Edge Of Tomorrow. In addition to Victory, the director is also attached to the wonky-sounding space film Railman and might be a contender for the action thriller Narco Sub . Liman cut his teeth in the indie world with Swingers and Go, but he also played a huge part in creating the Bourne franchise. Unfortunately, he couldn't generate sequels or spinoffs for Mr. And Mrs. Smith or Jumper, even if the former was a hit. This being Hollywood, it's a surprise he isn't being sentenced to death for that crime.

Gavin O'Connor has done more directing as of late instead of writing. He's recently been behind the camera for the thriller Jane Got A Gun , and is always linked to some would-be blockbuster - recently becoming a candidate for the directing gig on Snow White And The Huntsman 2: But Also No Snow White And More Huntsman. If Liman somehow detaches himself from directing Victory, I could definitely see O'Connor stepping in.

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