Elizabeth Banks Says Charlie Kaufman's Frank Or Francis Is In Trouble

This would be really sad news if it’s true, but Elizabeth Banks says that Charlie Kaufman’s fascinating movie-blogging comedy Frank or Francis isn’t on a fast-track and might not be coming to theaters as quickly as we had hoped.

We reported back in January that Banks and Paul Reubens were added to Kaufman’s ensemble, joining Jack Black, Kate Winslet, Steve Carell, Nicholas Cage, Catherine Keener and Kevin Kline. Wow. The story, from what we can tell, follows an A-list director who engages in a war with an Internet movie blogger. And it’s supposedly a musical.

But in an interview with AICN on behalf of the upcoming drama People Like Us, Banks admits that she “honestly [doesn’t] know where that film is at.” That has us worried.

”We were supposed to make it sooner, but it’s been pushed. I think they're waiting for everybody’s lives to come back together. You read the script -- it’s bananas. I think they've got to find the right money and the right combination of people at all of that stuff. I don’t really know anything about it. All I know is I want to work with Charlie Kaufman.”

And we want her to work with Kaufman, particularly on this script. But waiting for “the right money” and everyone’s schedules to sync doesn’t make us think Kaufman’s ready to start shooting and Banks likely will be pulled back into Hunger Games work very soon so Catching Fire can stay on schedule (reports have said that production on the second installment begins this fall). We’re dying to see Frank or Francis, but now we’re left to wonder how long we’ll have to wait to see it.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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