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What’s as good as a story about a guy with big dreams who fights his way to the top? A guy who loses it all and has to work twice as hard to get it all back. That seems to be the direction Southpaw is taking. The film has three great things going for it: Eminem, Antoine Fuqua, and Kurt Sutter. Now it needs a studio. At the moment, it’s looking like MGM is the frontrunner with Sony distributing.

If there’s anyone who knows about telling a story about tough guys with issues, it’s Kurt Sutter. The man behind FX’s excellent biker-drama Sons of Anarchy penned the script for Southpaw, a boxing film which is set to bring Eminem back to a starring role on the big screen, with Training Day’s Antoine Fuqua set to direct.

According to Deadline, Dreamworks’ Stacey Snider, who worked with Eminem on 8 Mile, originally bought Southpaw, but has since let the project go. Now it would appear that MGM/Sony is the frontrunner to tackle the film, which will star Eminem as a left-handed boxer who is trying to reclaim the glory he once held, but lost after experiencing a tragedy and then hitting rock bottom.

Kurt Sutter had some interesting things to say about the film, specifically, the parallels between the story and Eminem’s life and career. “I love that the title refers to [Eminem] being a lefty,” Sutter told Deadline. “which is to boxing what a white rapper is to hip hop; dangerous, unwanted and completely unorthodox.” He also spoke of the loose connection between Southpaw and 8 Mile, describing this new movie as a metaphorical narrative about the second chapter in this character’s life. In 8 Mile, Eminem played a young aspiring rapper who was trying to prove himself. South Paw is about a man who already made it and then lost it all and is trying to get it back. If the film comes together as well as 8 Mile did, and judging by the potential of the series, with Sutter and Fuqua on board, we could be in for something really great here.