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Epic Robin Hood Behind The Scenes Clip

robin hood 2010

Ridley Scott's adaptation of the classic “take from the rich and give to the poor” tale of Robin Hood has been on most everyone's can't-effing-wait list for quite some time now, and this week has been fruitful for those of us waiting patiently for our first glimpses of action.

Yesterday we were handed a hot off the presses trailer which proved at the very least that Ridley Scott should find some time to make a horror movie. It also showed us that if you were to look up “EPIC AS SHIT!” in the dictionary, you'd probably find Russell Crowe doing something in slow motion.

Today a new video has popped up over seas at Filmstar that should probably be titled “Holy Crap That's a Shit Load of Horses.” It's exactly what you should expect out of a behind the scenes clip; no interviews, no graphics, no frills, just a straight up look at what's going on. And they couldn't have picked a neater scene. One of the film's massive battle scenes is unfolding in an epic manner and you get to be a fly on the wall. Dive on in below.