Evidence, Starring Stephen Moyer and Radha Mitchell, Hits Theaters This Summer

As technology changes and gets more advanced, so does the way administrative officials use it. People like to think that Big Brother is out there using infrared lights and security cameras, but they don’t realize that our cell phones are no less intrusive, and aren’t necessarily guaranteed to remain private property. Say you recorded a crime…

That’s the gist of the story behind Bold Films’ thrillerEvidence, which Variety reports Image Entertainment has picked up the U.S. rights for. Evidence is directed by Olatunde Osunsanmi, whose last features were 2009’s sci-fi mockumentary The Fourth Kind and 2005’s extremely low-budget horror The Cavern.

In Evidence, Stephen Moyer (True Blood) and Radha Mitchell (Silent Hill) both play detectives investigating a massacre involving bus passengers at an abandoned gas station. The titular evidence comes from the various recording devices found at the scene, which the detectives must pore over in order to piece together the sequence of events and find their killer. It sounds like the proper use of a found footage film, where footage is actually found and watched, instead of just presented without context. The film also stars Torrey DeVitto (The Vampire Diaries), Dale Dickey (True Blood), Harry Lennix (Dollhouse), and Nolan Gerard Funk (Glee).

The screenplay was written by newcomer John Swetnam, who wrote and directed the short film Evidence that the feature is based on. Swetnam also has the high school tornado survival film Black Sky in post-production for director Stephen Quale.

Since the movie is pretty much completed, viewers won’t have long to wait as Image plans on a theatrical release this summer.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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