Alexander Skarsgård Talks Jack McBrayer Trying To Eat His Kidney On Vacation, And It's Like A Plot Out Of True Blood

Jack McBrayer posing with an evil look as Kenneth in 30 Rock and Alexander Skarasgård talking as Eric Northman in True Blood, pictured side-by-side.
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TV vets Alexander Skarsgård and Jack McBrayer could have been considered the least likely duo in the past. After all, an undead big wig like True Blood’s Eric Northman doesn’t feel like a natural fit to be palling around with Kenneth the NBC Page from 30 Rock. It's now officially time to have your world shattered by these two men, as they were caught randomly talking about dining on a human kidney. And an HBO Max subscription isn't required to enjoy the chat that feels like it's straight out of the popular drama series

When both Skarsgård and McBrayer appeared at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, an exchange played out, and it's quite reminiscent of something from that fang-banging HBO horror show. The video, which was posted to Instagram, starts out in a relatively normal way, with Skarsgård being asked a question related to his role in the upcoming film Infinity Pool. And in time, there's the quick, but hilarious, drop into the world of the macabre, as you can see below: 

Before we dig too deep, let’s truly admire what’s going on here. Alexander Skarsgård is wearing a dog collar with a leash in this Infinity Pool press line, so that’s already spicing things up. But then to drag Jack McBrayer in out of nowhere, playing to the darker side of his “aw shucks” persona? And with a joke involving trying to eat one of Skarsgård’s kidneys on vacation? It’s so creepy that it’s hysterical! 

If there’s anyone from the writers room of that surprise True Blood reboot looking for a story idea, then look no further. Considering the comedic chemistry between the two actors in this press line, this is a concept that can’t merely be ignored by the masses. A full story where a crazed human tries to eat one of Eric Northman’s vampiric kidneys is the lost adventure that this next chapter needs to really get cooking. 

Admittedly, this fun gag involving Jack McBrayer also doesn’t feel all that different from something you’d see in one of the best 30 Rock episodes. Though even if there was some sort of kidney feasting on that show, Kenneth would be the least likely suspect. And even then, he’d probably have a better excuse than transitioning from a vegan diet. Perhaps that’s something that the previously rumored 30 Rock revival could tackle, forming an unlikely crossover that would, without question, rank in the pantheon of Alexander Skarsgård’s best movies and TV shows.

Moving back to the world of the serious, it’s not really known how or why the two were paired up for this delightful moment of morbid comedy. To be completely honest, the answer to that question wouldn’t be as interesting as the fact that it happened. 

Perhaps it’s time for some young aspiring writers, both in film and TV, to start pitching a Skarsgård/McBrayer team-up that banks on this energy. It’d certainly sell for more than the price of a kidney, and the prospect would be even sweeter to behold. For now, if you’d like to revisit the currently existing world of True Blood, which is sadly an affair that includes no Jack McBrayer, that’s easy enough to tear into. 

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