Good day, ticklers of all things ribless. This weekend, San Diego is the scariest place to be in the entire country. Not only because of The Walking Dead’s "Escape" attraction that Comic-Con is offering, but because there are entirely too many people out there, and I’m guessing most of them are hiding very dark secrets beneath their Wonder Woman and Game of Thrones costumes. Be careful out there.

Luckily, the Con has unleashed a never-ending stream of horror news, some of which we’ll be covering today. On the non-marquee side of things, Universal Pictures announced they’re developing Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’s incomparable comic Locke & Key as a trilogy, which should help screenwriter Albert Torres figure out how to pace this massive story. Ciaran Foy’s Sinister 2 is set to begin filming next month in Chicago, gearing up for an August 21, 2015 release. And then there’s the return of the Leprechaun in Leprechaun: Origins, which is pulling the ironically iconic character far from Warwick Davis’ cheeky appearance and will instead go with the demonically hideous look below.

leprechaun origins

And now, the best trailer you’ll see all week. Or at least for the next five minutes of this week.

Horns Sprouts a Sinfully Sensational New Trailer
As a huge fan of Joe Hill’s novel, my expectations for Alexandre Aja’s Horns are as tall as the flames in the fires of Hell. The first trailer went a long way in building my confidence, but this second trailer, which MTV debuted for Comic-Con, is absolutely flawless. I mean, there are character flaws at almost every turn, from the hateful comments of Gideon, New Hampshire citizens to that one reporter punching that other reporter in the face. But that’s exactly what makes this trailer so magnificent. Movies that involve inherent evil being pushed to the surface often feel nihilistic and hopeless, but Horns is imbued with dark comedy and an unrestrained Daniel Radcliffe. Nobody can call that guy nihilistic.


Radcliffe plays Ig Parrish, a twentysomething whose girlfriend (Juno Temple) is murdered - and everyone thinks he did it, even though he didn’t. Probably. His life takes an even more wicked turn when he discovers that a pair of horns are growing out of his forehead, causing everyone around him to share their most devious thoughts and desires. He uses his new manipulative powers to find his girlfriend’s killer, having a bit of fun along the way. Assuming, of course, that your idea of fun is a giant snake and a pitchfork. It’s definitely a cheer-worthy moment, and it’s one of many that this trailer has to offer. I may have to wear a muzzle into the theater when it appropriately debuts on October 31st. Let’s all have some flaming shots before we go, shall we?

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