Welcome, gobblers of all things horror, to a new weekly feature we’ll be running here at Cinema Blend that will bind together five of the more interesting genre news stories of the week. We’ll be giving you trailers, posters, stills and big announcements for all your soon-to-be favorite horrors and thrillers coming out in the near future, plus some that you probably couldn’t give a shit less about.

By no means is this an exhaustive list of everything the genre has to offer, but rather a meaty slice of what’s bubbling up to the surface. If you walk away from this with an erratic heartbeat and the feeling that someone is watching you through your windows, don’t blame us. We’re just the messengers.

Chucky Will Be Back For Round 7
One of the hardest working dolls in show business, the Good Guy doll Chucky has been murdering people since 1988, in a film series that has gone from legitimately frightfest to tongue-in-cheek horror comedy back to tense slasher, all while barely hanging onto any central canon. This year’s Curse of Chucky proved that director/creator Don Mancini could still pull off some real scares, and those who wondered what happened after that film will be pleased to know Chucky’s reign of terror still isn’t over. Mancini took to Twitter to announce there will indeed be a seventh film.

This is a truly polarizing franchise, and the strong words of fans and naysayers will no doubt keep it in the cultural zeitgeist for decades to come. And if the actual creator thinks that there are more stories to come from this killer doll, I’m on board for it. But I’ll need those stories to be a little smarter if at all possible. I’m saying this loudly just in case there’s a certain someone hiding behind the chair I’m sitting in, waiting to slash my ankles.

Take a peek at the Curse of Chucky trailer below.

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