Happy weekend, defacers of all things delicate. Am I the only one that wants to destroy things because there isn’t any football this weekend? If only the new horror flicks on VOD and streaming were as violent and filled with things named after animals.

While we have another faux six weeks of winter because the groundhog saw his shadow, I’d rather have six more weeks of amazing claymation from Trent Shy, who continues to take the artform by its throat and swing it around in glee. Here’s his reference-filled advert for the upcoming Crimson Screen Horror Film Festival in Charleston, South Carolina.

In other quick cut news, Blumhouse and Universal Home Entertainment will be dumping Captain America director Joe Johnston’s thriller Not Safe For Work onto DVD on April 15, just in time to remind you about your taxes. As well, hard rocker Marilyn Manson went to Twitter to announce his long-gestating Phantasmagoria: The Visions of Lewis Carroll project, which he wrote the screenplay for, is finally in production, with Manson himself in the role of Carroll. And on that note, let’s move on to what will inevitably be less frightening news.

Self-Aware Horror Comedy Zombeavers Debuts Trailer and Poster
Some horror comedies, like The Cabin in the Woods, need deep meta philosophy behind the story being told in order to achieve success. And then there are some movies, like Zombeavers, that need nothing more than a ridiculously simple and solid hook: beavers that come back from the dead to murder the shit out of a group of people looking for a good time…in a cabin. This first trailer, via BloodyDisgusting, is a rip-roaring good time simply because it seems to adhere to this goofy premise without leaving room for anything else. Plus, it’s got special effects shots like "beaver catches fire as it bites into an electrical socket" and "girl’s front teeth fall out as beaver teeth push out of her gums." Class. Ic.

Zombeavers is the directorial debut from writer and stand-up comic Jordan Rubin, who has written for several MTV Movie Awards, Craig Kilborn, Crank Yankers and The Man Show. He co-wrote the script with musicians Al and Jon Kaplan, who composed the music for Piranhaconda!!! Also, it’s got production company BenderSpinks (The Ring, We’re the Millers) behind it. The film is being shopped around at the European Film Market, and somebody had better pick this thing up unless they want a "dam" fine way to lose a foot. Check out the new poster below and cross your front teeth that this pic gets snatched up and released soon.

zombeavers poster

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