Whether or not The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey will look good in the "revolutionary" 48 frames per second format, I think most all of us are curious about how it will turn out. After all, director Peter Jackson is passionate about it, and who are we to about him after all he's given us? And while Jackson has been working hard to help movie theaters be equipped to show The Hobbit in that higher frame rate, not every local multiplex will be equipped yet-- and luckily you can know well before you arrive at the theater whether or not they'll have it in 48 fps.

That's thanks to the aptly named new site 48 fps Movies, which is putting together a list of the places that are equipped for both 48 fps and 3D. That's important, since Warner Bros. won't be releasing the 48 fps version of The Hobbit in 2D-- if you're in for one new technology, you're in for the other one as well. Before you start worrying that you'll go broke before getting a look at Middle Earth, WB confirmed back in August that they won't charge extra for the 48 fps showings; while you'll be paying the surcharge for the 3D, it won't be any more on top of that. Of course that's still close to $20 here in New York City, but hey, movie tickets aren't really cheap anywhere these days.

If you're still wondering what the big deal is about 48 frames per second, our own Eric Eisenberg caught an advance look at the film at Cinema Con back in April, and he has pretty mixed feelings about just how different The Hobbit looks from Lord of the Rings-- like a lot of people, he's not sure if it will totally work. As I said before, I think Peter Jackson has earned our trust at this point, but the 48 fps second definitely seems worth checking out for yourself. It seems most states will have a theater showing 48 fps-- one each in Alaska and Hawaii!-- but check out the full list to find out for sure, and keep checking back, since they're planning to update it as more theaters sign up.

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