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First Images From Friday The 13th Remake

We'll have to muddle through this Halloween without a new Friday the 13th to enjoy, but by this time next year, a new installment of the venerable franchise will most likely be available on DVD. Friday the 13th, which comes out February 13 of next year, saw its first two stills debut at today, with producers Brad Fuller and Andrew Form on hand to explain what we're looking at.

No glimpse of baddie Jason Voorhees yet, but we get to see the main crew of teenagers in two very different situations. In the first shot the light is bright, and the kids are having a ball-- surely a sign of bad things to come. Fuller warns, "But don't fall in love with them, 'cause they might not be there in the end."

The second picture is what MTV describes as a "hero shot" of stars Jared Padalecki and Amanda Righetti; all the producers offer by way of explanation is that "Jared definitely goes head-to-head with Jason in this film."

Check out the smaller versions of the photos below, and go to MTV for larger sizes and the rest of the interview. Oh, and boo! Happy Halloween!

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend