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First Look At Emma Stone And Bradley Cooper In Cameron Crowe's Next Rom-Com

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It has been just over a year since director Cameron Crowe signed actors Emma Stone and Bradley Cooper to star in his next offbeat romantic comedy. If you can believe it, the movie still doesn’t have a title yet. And while continuing to call this film "the untitled Hawaiian-set Cameron Crowe rom-com" will eventually make me want to get volcanic, we now have our first set photo of the two leads, so maybe I can curb my rage.

First posted to Crowe’s website, The Uncool, the photo shows Cooper and Stone just hanging out inside what I assume is a stage plane or helicopter. It could be a spaceship, given the mysterious qualities the film is supposed to have, but we’re betting on something closer to Earth.

While Cooper’s military contractor outfit doesn’t stand out, Stone stars as an Air Force pilot and is dressed accordingly. The two will be working together to try and stop a top secret military launch that Cooper was sent out to oversee. Traitor! Sparks are bound to fly between the two, though there is an ex-girlfriend involved, played by Rachel McAdams. John Krasinski will star as her current boyfriend And if that talented squad isn’t enough, the film will pack its comedic punch with appearances from Bill Murray, Alec Baldwin, Danny McBride and Jay Baruchel. That’s assuming they’ve finished casting in the first place, as Krasinski joined a few days into shooting.

And beyond this somewhat normal high-stakes plotline, the island where the narrative takes place is enchanted, and there will be all sorts of magical things afoot, though we doubt there will be a Smoke Monster or a hatch or anything like that. There will, however, be a talking computer, so most bets are off. What one really hopes is that the soundtrack will be just as magical as anything the island has to offer.

Crowe noted in the title that this is the 22nd day of production, before going on to brag that he’s filming in the Kalaeloa Hangar in Barbers Point, Hawaii. I mean, he doesn’t come right out and say, "Nyeah, nyeah," but it’s implied.

Sony is set to release the film at some point in 2014, though no dates have been set just yet. Take a look at the video below, which features the most memorable moments in Crowe films over the years. It made me go, "Oh yeah, he directed We Bought a Zoo."

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Nick Venable

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