First Official Images From Final Destination 4

Final Destination doesn’t get as much publicity as big horror franchises like Saw, but it’s quietly soldiered along, making solid money with every outing until here we are, on Final Destination 4. At least it’s not torture porn. It’s more like sudden death porn. I’m not sure if that’s better or worse, but I’ll cop to having had a lot of fun with the previous three Final Destination films.

The fourth movie will be the first one in 3D, and Warner Bros has just released the first two images from the film… which are not in 3D so put those cardboard glasses down. The two new images are below, and seem to be showcasing the new ways in which they’ll be killing people for this one. Judging from the stills, you can expect death by rain drops and death by flaming escalator. Sounds like fun, at least as far as dying goes.

Josh Tyler