Movie fans will likely get to know José Padilha's name more as his remake of Robocop moves closer to production, but before that happens they really should get to know his name because of Elite Squad: The Enemy Within. Though the film actually came out in Brazil last year, it made it's domestic debut at the Sundance Film Festival and absolutely blew audiences away. In the months since it has toured across the world, showing at the Berlin, Miami, Hong Kong and Los Angeles Film Festivals, but now folks in the United States will be able to see it as it's set to be released on November 11th. Want to know more about it? Well, the first trailer has been released online. Check out the preview below or in HD over on Apple. Originally titled Elite Squad 2: The Enemy Within (the movie is actually a sequel to Padilha's 2007 film Elite Squad), the action/crime drama is the biggest box office hit in Brazil history. The plot centers on Lt. Col. Roberto Nascimento (Wagner Moura), who comes under fire after a prison riot is resolved in a very violent fashion. In addition to that, he has also been invited by the governor to team-up with the Secretary of Security due to his rising popularity among the public and deals with his young son, who is rebelling against him. Padilha wrote the film with Bráulio Mantovani, who is best known for writing the Brazilian classic City of God.

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