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Once the most powerful force in cinema, now 72-year-old Francis Ford Coppola hasn’t made a significant movie since the early 90s, and even that’s being generous. He keeps making films, but no one’s seeing them much less talking about them. His latest, however, may be his most ambitious. It’s called TWIXT and when he took the trailer you’re about to see to the San Diego Comic Con last week it was met with a mixture of confusion, bewilderment, and excitement over the potential of what could be a huge step forward in the way movies are presented. Or maybe not.

Coppola plans to present TWIXT as a live performance, where he’ll edit the movie while people watch, changing what you’ll see depending on how each audience is responding to it. In theory, that means you’ll never see the same movie twice. In practice… well who the heck knows how this will play out. The new TWIXT trailer itself offers very few clues. Check it out:

It’s hard to tell what this movie is. The trailer’s all over the map, a mix of strange gothic fantasy sequences and modern day stuff in which Val Kilmer plays a writer wandering around a small, creepy town. When the TWIXT trailer was shown at Comic Con, Coppola used his live-mixing techniques on it, so odds are what they saw there might have been entirely different. You can read our full report of that showing here.

TWIXT debuts in just a few weeks at the Toronto Film Festival. We’ll be there to let you know what happens when Coppola comes to town.