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Remember the teaser trailer that hit last week for the Frank Miller-directed Gucci commercial that was set to air during the MTV Video Music Awards? And remember how, even though it looked really ridiculous, we were looking forward to all the crazy stuff the whole commercial would hold?

Well now the entire commercial has come online, and I hope you weren't expecting much, because the 30-second spot contains pretty much exactly what we saw in the teaser, plus a few more seconds of images. Evan Rachel Wood drives a car, stops and reminisces about doing it with with Chris Evans, and that's pretty much it. The look is very much Sin City inspired, though her blonde hair doesn't look nearly as good as Goldie's, and none of it particularly makes me want really expensive perfume. Then again, ever since The Spirit I would have been hard pressed to like something in the classic Frank Miller style no matter what it was, so maybe I'm just being grumpy.

Check it out for yourself below or on TV during the VMAs in September.

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