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Gerard Butler’s on a world-saving kick lately. Shortly after the trailer for his drug-dealer-turned-freedom-fighter drama Machine Gun Preacher reached the Web, we’re seeing a story that links the burly 300 star to another thriller that would cast Butler as the captain of some butt-kicking Navy SEALS.

The story would be Hunter Killer, the name given to an adaptation of Don Keith and George Wallace’s novel Firing Point, which has been optioned by producer Neil Moritz’s Original Films with a potential to be distributed by Relativity Media. Coming Soon posted the news that Butler’s name was being considered for the role of Joe Glass, the captain of a submarine who must lead a team behind enemy lines in Russia to stop an adversary from launching an all-out war against the United States. At least they’re not officially calling it a remake of Crimson Tide or The Hunt for Red October.

The Relativity link makes sense, as the studio’s behind Butler’s Preacher, which was directed by Marc Forster. And seeing as how the studio also announced a (tentative) Dec. 21, 2012 release date for Hunter Killer, casting will have to ramp up shortly so production can begin. Butler certainly seems cut for this project, which sounds like it would require the leadership and physicality he brings to virtually every role. Then again, if Preacher brings Butler a sliver of the awards recognition we hear he’s angling for with the redemptive role, the actor might not need to do brainless action films like this anymore. Nothing is set in stone with this one just yet, but we may attach Butler’s name to Hunter Killer soon enough.