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22 Jump Street is poised to become the comedy hit of the year, with fans of the first film excited about the return of Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum under directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller. Lord and Miller are riding high following The LEGO Movie, becoming the second highest grossing film of the year. It would make sense that they would be approached to make Ghostbusters 3. But it doesn't make sense that they, or anyone else, would turn it down!

I sat down with Lord and Miller to discuss their new film. What I discovered makes perfect sense: the duo are so successful because they're the busiest guys in the industry. Ghostbusters 3 could never be a real possibility for these two, and here's why.

22 Jump Street was a hard enough movie on its own, not only because of the high standard set by the first film, but also the demands of a comedy sequel, many of which are bad. But Lord and Miller were very much undaunted by the challenges of following up the adventures of Schmidt and Jenko. They consider themselves fans first and foremost, which is why the very idea of a comedy sequel tickled them.

At the same time, 22 Jump Street makes a mockery of the very idea of sequels. Every single line said by Nick Offerman in the film feels like a jab at the ridiculousness of a sequel to a TV adaptation. And yet, apparently Sony had no problem with this! In fact, according to the directors, one joke made Sony head Amy Pascal fall out of a chair due to laughter:

22 Jump Street hits theaters this Friday, continuing the saga of Schmidt and Jenko, this time in college. The film also stars Ice Cube, Wyatt Russell, Jillian Belle and Peter Stormare, and you can check out the review here.

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