ghostbusters lego

Who you gonna call? If you answered anything but "Ghostbusters," then you apparently don’t experience feelings of dread in your basement or attic. But your toy room (or appropriated toy shelf) may be under duress from a spook, spirit or ghost, so you’ll definitely need to pick up the upcoming 30th anniversary set of LEGO Ghostbusters blasting its way into stores this summer. The mega-popular building block company, whose tie-in film is killing it at the box office, wisely chose to reveal the toys’ first looks at New York City’s annual Toy Fair. And this looks like a must-have for anyone who wants to make a home version of Ghostbusters II that isn’t a complete let-down.

This excellent set, which unfortunately doesn’t include the firehouse, is comprised of 508 pieces, with Bill Murray’s staunch detachment sold separately. The Ecto-1 has a removable roof and room for three minifigures to sit – sorry, Winston! – and each of the minifigs will come equipped with proton packs and a snarky sense of humor. A trap is also included, as is a tracking computer.

Put on some Ray Parker, Jr. and let’s take a couple more looks at what your home’s ghouls should be very, very afraid of, courtesy of Mashable.

ghostbusters lego

ghostbusters lego

The Ghostbusters set is the brainchild of digital artist and game designer Brent Waller, who put his designs up on LEGO’s Cuusoo site, which allows anyone to vote on user-submitted projects, with the slightest of chances that they’ll make it to a LEGO review board. Waller’s not only swept the competition, but it also beat out a similar fan-made Ghostbusters project. As you can see below in his original pieces, the designs were modified somewhat by LEGO artists, but the spirit remains the same.

ghostbusters lego

The Cuusoo site has already given movie fans a Back to the Future kit, along with ones inspired by the Mars Curiosity Rover and Minecraft. You could spend quite a while sifting through all of the submissions, but your time will probably be best spent creating physics conversations between toy versions of Ray and Egon. And you can do it this June, when the Ecto set is released, with an expected retail price of $49.99. Pricy for a toy, but a bargain when it comes to your safety and sanity.

I’m currently tinkering with designs for a series based on Ghostbusters III. You can see the fruit of my efforts below.

fake Ghostbusters lego

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