The first trailer for the new Ghostbusters movie did not go over well. Honestly, it was a bloodbath. The trailer now holds the dubious distinction of being the most disliked movie trailer in the history of YouTube. Certainly, the movie producers were looking to do something to prevent a repeat occurrence with the second trailer. So, they chose to avoid YouTube altogether. Instead, the trailer was posted exclusively on Facebook and Twitter. And the strategy appears to have paid off, as the response is much better.

After acquiring over 800K dislikes on YouTube for their first peek at Ghostbusters, Sony entered into an exclusive deal with Facebook and Twitter to unveil the second trailer for Ghostbusters. The response there has been very different. As of this writing, the Facebook trailer has received 43,000 views and has received 36,000 likes, 3,100 loves, and 207 wows. On the flip side, they have only received 2,200 angry and 222 sad responses. While the ratio of positive to negative response is very different, so is the size, and makeup, of the audience. As The Hollywood Reporter points out, the first trailer, which was so derided on YouTube, saw much more positive results on Facebook as well.

While not everybody disliked the first trailer for the rebooted Ghostbusters film, the general consensus was not good. Even many who supported the general concept of the new Ghostbusters were less than excited by what they saw. Others, who had decided that remaking Ghostbusters was a bad idea, either in this particular form, or in general, saw the trailer as vindication of their existing opinion.

Once the exclusivity deal runs its course, the Ghostbusters trailer will go up on Sony’s YouTube page. At that point, it will be interesting to see what kind of response the trailer receives. Since the trailer has already been out in the open for awhile, it simply won’t be news anymore, which likely will result in the YouTube page getting fewer views overall. Most of those who disliked the first trailer will have already made their opinions on the second trailer known, so they may not feel a need to bother doing so again on that particular site.
If there’s a downside to this strategy, it may be that, since the second trailer will not see the same response on YouTube, it will be impossible to accurately judge the actual view of fans of the second trailer. Assuming that at least most fans would be honest in their assessment, and not simply dislike the video out of spite, it’s possible the second trailer may be much better regarded by viewers, but by changing up the trailer’s release, we can’t know for certain.

What did you think of the second Ghostbusters trailer? Was it better than the first? Does it impact your interest in seeing the movie?
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