Gilmore Girls Movie Not Happening

Apparently there are people out there clamoring for a Gilmore Girls movie, even though the show was perpetually low-rated and ended in a way that pleased nobody. OK, maybe the only person clamoring for this is Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello. But he's the kind of guy who gets to sit down Lauren Graham and barrage her with questions, and he pestered her about the possibility of a movie starring Rory and Lorelai in a Q&A Interview.

The answer? Not bloody likely. "I don't know what we could give the fans that would satisfy them," Graham responded. "I don't know what the story would be. But as with everything I do I my career, if something comes up that inspires me, then I'll consider it. Plus, these are people who I love so much. "

She also employs a pretty apt metaphor to respond to the notion that a movie could make up for the errors of the season finale. "When you have a bad breakup, going back and dating the guy again is not really going to change the breakup." It's also worth mentioning that Graham is just beginning a run on Broadway in Guys and Dolls, and doesn't really have time for reviving old characters. Either way, anyone hoping for a return trip to Stars Hollow will probably have to stick with DVD re-runs for now.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend