After years and years of watching movies, one tires of crime and heist films that follow the same patterns: the same plots of aged criminals coming back for one last heist, or of new criminals, usually non-witty white guys with short-cropped hair, needing money to get their first heist in action. The detailed similarities between most films of the genre are almost too numerous to count, and they’re made all the more obvious when set up against the flighty, good-natured thievery displayed in Gimme the Loot, the debut feature from writer/director Adam Leon.

After going the festival route, and winning SXSW’s Grand Jury award in that time, Gimme the Loot is hitting theaters in March, and IFC Films has just released the first theatrical trailer for the film, showing off the unique relationship between the graffiti artist lead characters Sofia (Tashiana Washington) and Malcom (Ty Hickson) as they hustle and streak paint across the city in search of cash. Take a look at the Jonathan Demme-produced film below.

Like the forgotten love child of Spike Lee and Wes Anderson, Sofia and Malcolm’s story begins with their goal of tagging the famed New York Mets Home Run Apple, fueled by a rival gang messing with their work. But in order to get into Citi Field, the two best friends must find a way to quickly get $500 to get their colorful statement made. Also starring Zoë Lescaze as a beautiful wealthy woman whom Malcolm gets entangled with, Gimme the Loot is a brisk two-day journey between street kids with heart and souls as recognizable as our own.

And if there’s anything that I find more annoying that played out crime plots, it’s young actors. But Washington and Hickson, as well as the non-major players in the film, all seem to have the everyday charisma that makes finding a friend in real life so valuable. Maybe I just miss getting into these kinds of low-profit hijinks. Gimme the Loot will paint theater walls on March 22, 2013.

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