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You’ve probably seen Peter Jackson’s name in headlines a lot recently. His latest film, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is by far the biggest release of December and it has already made a bundle at the box office, already scoring over $100 million domestically. But the Hobbit isn’t the only film that Jackson has coming out this month. The New Zealand filmmaker has produced a passion project documentary called West of Memphis, which is about the famed case against the West Memphis Three and the failure of the justice system in Arkansas. And if you enter our contest you can win a great piece of memorabilia from the new movie.

In advance of the doc’s release on Christmas, we have been given a Peter Jackson-signed West of Memphis poster to give away to one of our lucky readers. You can see the design of the poster in the giveaway below and read on to find out how to enter and win.

So how can you win this cool piece of artwork? Start by heading over to Facebook and liking our page. Then click over to THIS POST and tell us what your favorite Peter Jackson movie is and why. The contest will end when the clock hits midnight on the East Coast ringing in the New Year, so enter soon!

To find out more about West of Memphis be sure to head over to our <.b>Blend Film Database.