Green Lantern 2 And 3 Already Planned?

A couple of months ago we heard that Warner Bros. was waffling between fast tracking a movie version of The Flash or jumping with both feet into the Green Lantern universe by kicking off work on a sequel, even though the first movie hadn’t started filming yet. We’re not sure where they stand on Flash but it sounds like they may have made a decision about Green Lantern: They want more of him. A lot more of him.

Bleeding Cool claims that shooting on Green Lantern 2 is now scheduled to begin before the first movie is even released. The first film is currently shooting in New Orleans and they’re even making plans to use current shooting locations in the sequel, as stand-ins for “Coast City”, Lantern Hal Jordan’s home in the comics.

What’s more if the first movie does big money they may go right on with a third movie, turning the Green Lantern series into a sort of superhero Lord of the Rings with non-stop shooting of all three films back to back to back. The Green Lantern universe is pretty big, after all unlike a lot of other superhero movies some of it takes place out in the wilds of outer space, but that’s a pretty big investment in a comic book character few people know about and even fewer care about.

If this rumor pans out, then clearly Warner Bros. sees something they really like here, and that’s good news for us. Stick around and we’ll let you know as soon as there’s some sort of real confirmation on this story.

Josh Tyler