Gregg Araki Goes With Sex For His Next Movie

Thus far in his career Gregg Araki has specialized in making tiny indies that critics love but nobody sees. Whether it's the gritty Joseph Gordon-Levitt drama Mysterious Skin or the mysteriously underseen comedy Smiley Face, the guy can't seem to catch on with major audiences.

But you know what they say about sex and how it sells. THR reports that Araki's next project is Kaboom, about "the sexual awakening of a group of college students." Naturally, the kids he's selected for the cast are ridiculously attractive-- French actress Roxanne Mesquida, Sarah Connor Chronicles star Thomas Dekker, and Rooney Mara will be among the college kids, while Kelly Lynch (also ridiculously attractive) will fill in for an adult role.

A movie about college kids having sex can turn into virtually anything, but mainly it'd be nice if it meant a hit for Araki. Then again, if his comedy starring Anna Faris as a stoner couldn't get anywhere, it might just not be meant to be.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend