For Halloween, Some Truly Bizarre Polish Horror Movie Posters

Casual movie poster collectors know that Polish one-sheets almost always turn out to be classics – not because they have anything to do with the actual film they’re meant to promote, but because they are interpretive concept-art mish-mashes that often take years to figure out how on earth they relate to the feature. Google search “Polish movie posters.” You’ll waste the afternoon staring at some truly bizarre movie-marketing imagery.

In honor of Halloween, a sample of horror-movie Polish posters have been posted to Vulture, and they’re as surreal as you could have hoped. We’ll try and translate them below:

The last one, which pretends to be for the corpse-dragging comedy Weekend at Bernie’s, is the absolute “WTF?” of the entire group. I can’t even begin to pretend that the two eyeballs on Peter Parker’s Web-shooting hand have to do with Ted Kotcheff’s 1989 movie. I even had to squint at the credit listing on the bottom of the poster to find Andrew McCarthy and Jonathan Silverman’s names to make sure this really was supposed to be for Weekend and that wasn’t a mistake at the top of the one sheet.

The others kind of make sense. A green, morphed Gremlin terrifies Santa on the sheet for Joe Dante’s classic monster comedy. The robotic hand stroking the cheek of Igor on the Young Frankenstein poster challenges me, but not as much as the red (for some reason) creature on the Alien poster. Click the above link to see a few more. And if you have a favorite, bizarre Polish movie poster that you know about, share it with us below.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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