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The trick of this summer's The Hangover: Part II is going to be replicating what worked about the first movie-- the debauchery, the silliness, the craziness taken to the next level-- while also managing to bring us something new. After all, the movie was the definition of a surprise hit, and worked so well because nobody quite knew what to expect out of it when they walked in.

Who knows if they've actually pulled it off, but at least the first trailer for the film, which just hit at, knows exactly what it's up against. Showing off very little footage from the new movie, it mostly consists of critic's quotes from the first movie, plus slow shots of either the three main characters walking or yet another destroyed hotel room. The big twist this time? It's taking place in Thailand, which is just as debaucherous but likely far grosser than Vegas ever could be. The message of the trailer seems to be "It's what you already know you like, just a little different"--like any good sequel. Check it out below.

It makes sense that they're keeping things under wraps still, given how much about the movie has already been spoiled. But at what point will they stop advertising it as just the same movie again in Thailand, and actually show us what's funny? That's not the point of a teaser trailer, of course, and this one gets the job done. But I'll really be sold when they show me a trailer with a single joke that matches what we saw the first time.

The Hangover: Part II hits theaters Memorial Day weekend, May 26. For all the spoilers and images we've seen so far, visit the film's entry in our Blend Film Database.

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