After the rather lackluster release of the Renny Harlin film The Legend of Hercules, the last thing the public probably wants to see is another stab at telling the legend of the son of the Zeus. Brett Ratner cares not of these concerns, as his version of Hercules is scheduled for release this July 25th. What this film does have that the previous film didn't is the star power of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (fresh off of the year that brought us Pain and Gain and Fast and Furious 6), flanked by genre stalwarts John Hurt, Ian McShane, and Rufus Sewell. Only two of those actors are present in this short clip from MTV in the run up to their 2013 Movie Awards, airing this Sunday.

In the clip, Hercules (Johnson), accompanied by Cotys (Hurt), Autolycus (Sewell), and an army of men, spots a village that looks to have already fallen to either the enemy or a Black Friday sale. Upon closer inspection though, it turns out that the enemy is using the cover of death as the means for a sneak attack, giving Autolycus a perfect chance to show us that he's probably the comedic relief of the film. (Expect an Admiral Ackbar meme any second now.) Once fully roused, the enemy commander offers Hercules the chance of mercy upon his army's surrender. A foolish move by a soon to be vanquished foe, or at least we're lead to assume such a fate as the clip only sticks around long enough to deliver a bad ass one-liner, a quick cut of charging and shouting, and then a title splash to tease the audience into wanting to find out what happens next.

It's an interesting enough segment from the film, definitely a step up from the previously released trailer, but it still comes off as being a bit too short to get the viewer excited. Why not throw in some quick, second long glimpses of the action, and then a one liner to cap off the effort? Regardless of quibbles, this short peek is starting to instill a little more confidence that The Rock's trademark bravado will be shown in spades throughout this film. Whether the movie manages to rise above that and deliver the action and legend to back it up, is another story entirely. We'll find out soon enough when Hercules is released in theaters on July 25. In case you missed it, or in case you love the rich tones of Ian McShane's regal sounding voice, you can watch the trailer below and satisfy both at the same time.

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