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Hilarious New Clip From The Martian Reveals The One Thing That Might Kill Matt Damon

Mars is a dangerous place to be, especially in Ridley Scott’s The Martian. However this new clip proves that in space, no one can hear you boogie down.

Thanks to 20th Century Fox we have another good look into this weekend’s potential blockbuster, and it’s one of the best! The clip starts with the folks at NASA making the pivotal discovery that Mark Watney is still alive on Mars. We see the debate on whether to tell the rest of the ARES III crew that Mark is alive, and just as we arrive to the profound question of what Mark’s thinking on Mars, we cut to one of the many humoristic beats that Drew Goddard’s script delivers throughout.

The best part about this clip from The Martian is the fact that it sells the dichotomy that the film, as well as Andy Weir’s original novel, balances its entire story on. While Watney’s survival is the main thrust of the story, the fact that he’s on Mars by himself requires a special element to keep the narrative fresh while he talks to himself or the camera. Since there’s only so much peril a person can go through to keep it interesting, the foil of Watney’s allergy to Disco helps make for good comedy – especially since Commander Melissa Lewis (Jessica Chastain) only seems to prefer that musical genre.

Even better still is the fact that the marketing campaign, outside of the typical TV spots and trailers, has consistently picked up on the humoristic angle of The Martian as well. The proof of that lies in a series of comics that were released on the film’s official Facebook page, each of which depicts Mark Watney’s relationship with the various aspects he has to deal with in order to survive on Mars. Appropriately enough, we’ve included the comic detailing his abusive relationship with Disco below.

Disco has disrupted and disturbed Watney his entire life. Will he finally be able to turn the beat around on Mars?Posted by The Martian on Saturday, September 26, 2015

The raves are starting to pour in for The Martian, with even our own Sean O’Connell singing high praise on how the film is, "One of the year’s most enjoyable and exhilarating films." Considering how exciting 2015 has been already, what with rampaging dinosaurs, emotional highs and lows, and cars exploding in the desert this past summer, that’s really saying something.

You’ll be able to judge for yourself whether The Martian lives up to the hype or not when it lands in theaters tomorrow. Though, if you check your local listings you might be able to find some early screenings tonight. In which case, treat yourself to a 3D showing – it’s well worth the extra money.

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