Do you remember when The Muppets came out last fall, and one of the best posters featured all the familiar felt characters-- plus Jason Segel and Amy Adams-- cramming into the frame together? (If you don't, it's included for reference at the bottom of this post). As it turns out, it's not just Muppets who can squeeze in together for a group photo op and make you downright giddy to hang out with them. The dwarves of the upcoming The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey have banded together for a brand-new poster, which debuted at director Peter Jackson's official Facebook page. Take a look below:

With the plate of pastries up front and center-- also featured prominently in the film's recent trailer-- this whole gathering really looks like a party, or at the very least an approximation of what Bilbo feels when all these dwarves cram into his home at Bag End and convince him to head out on an adventure.

Thus far my favorite Hobbit posters remain the ones I spotted on the show floor at Comic Con, which provided close-up shots of all the characters, including Galadriel, Gandalf and poor old Smeagol. There was something kind of grand and epic about them, particularly the autumn-tinged shot of Gandalf, and while I like this dwarf-heavy poster quite a lot, it seems more apt for a comedy… like maybe The Muppets?

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey comes to theaters on December 14; you can click here to learn a whole, whole lot more about it.

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