How To Train Your Dragon 2 Gets A Comic-Con Poster By Drew Struzan

There are literally thousands, maybe even a million, things to buy at Comic Con, from your standard issue toys and posters to collectibles and rare comics that cost as much as that ticket to San Diego did to begin. How do you decide what to spend your cash on? That's between you and your budget, buster. But this How To Train Your Dragon 2 print might not be a bad place to start.

Sure, the DreamWorks Animation sequel might not have the Comic-Con street cred of The Walking Dead or Thor: The Dark World, but after Con attendees get their hands on this print from artist Drew Struzan, maybe it should be. The above Vine posted by DreamWorks Animation has director Dean DeBlois showing off the print, with a scene that seems lifted directly from the brief teaser the studio released last week. Oh, you missed it? It's very much worth watching again:

The print's creator Drew Struzan is a huge name in the world of movie posters, having done the intricate illustrated art for the Indiana Jones and Star Wars movies, which are hard to think about without remembering Struzan's poster illustrations for them. Though he won't be returning to do the art for Star Wars: Episode VII, he's keeping busy even after his announced retirement-- at Comic-Con he'll also be the topic of a Friday panel, called Drew Struzan: The Man Behind The Poster. Here are the details if you want to catch it:

Drew Struzan: The Man Behind the PosterRoom 4Movie poster artist Drew Struzan (creator of the Star Wars, Back to the Future, and Indiana Jones movie posters) is joined by celebrity guests and the film crew behind the documentary feature film about his career, set to premiere this summer. Enjoy movie clips, poster giveaways, and free movie tickets.7:00PM – 8:00PM

As for How To Train Your Dragon 2, it's not getting an official panel in its name at Comic-Con, but director DeBlois will be on hand at the "DreamWorks Animation Filmmaker Focus" panel on Thursday morning, along with Turbo director David Soren, Peabody & Sherman director Rob Minkoff and the studio's chief creative officer Bill Damaschke. So while there won't be appearances from stars Jay Baruchel and America Ferrera, fans can almost certainly count on an more extended look at the animated sequel, plus some insight into the brains that give us these movies to begin with. How To Train Your Dragon was a wonderful surprise, setting up the rich world of the dragon-fearing Vikings and the friendship between young Hiccup and his dragon Toothless, and suggesting so much more to explore in the sequel. We'll be on hand at Comic-Con to see that DreamWorks Animation has in store, but we're not going to count on snagging one of these Struzan posters-- even at a Con with a million other things to buy, those are going to go fast.

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