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Jane Lynch Isn't In The Glee Movie, Even Though She's In The Trailer

She’s in the trailers and she seems to be the only thing about the show anyone outside of your average Gleek talks about, but Jane Lynch won’t be in the Glee movie when its released next week.

The film is actually a concert documentary, which follows the cast around on their Glee Live! tour during 2011. Jane Lynch wasn’t on tour with the cast, but her face was. Her Sue Sylvester character appeared throughout the tour in pre-taped video segments. So since she’s not actually on tour, it might make sense that she’s not in the documentary, if she wasn’t so prominently featured in the trailer. There she admonishes fans “Please, save your money. This thing sucks.” I guess she wasn’t kidding. They even used her as part of the movie’s viral marketing campaign. Take a look:

Lynch’s absence from the Glee: The 3D Concert Movie theatrical release becomes even more baffling when you consider that she will be on the DVD release of the doc, when it hits shelves a few weeks later. Glee creator Ryan Murphy confirms to USA Today (opens in new tab), “We're doing another version in a couple of weeks on DVD… Jane will be on that. We'll do it that way.” But why do it that way, where’s the sense in omitting the star of your show from any conceivable Glee presentation?

Here’s my suspicion: They didn’t want to pay her. In order to work her into the movie they’d have had to do it through some sort of specially filmed video segments, using the ones they used on tour probably wouldn’t have fit into the format. To get Jane to film those segments they’d have to pay her to appear in the film, and in her current state of rapidly growing popularity, Jane Lynch doesn’t come cheap anymore. She’s a long way away from the barely known actress who appeared for an uncredited cameo in The Hammer. Throwing her on the DVD, will cost them less and it’ll be easier. Maybe she won’t even appear in the feature there, don’t be surprised if they haven’t just stuffed old footage of her into the bonus features somewhere.

The whole point of releasing a concert documentary like this is to make maximum profit with minimum effort. What, you thought it was art? You thought they did it for the love of their fans? Not likely. These concert documentaries are quick and easy cash. They cost nothing to produce and anything they earn is money in the studio’s pocket. Why give Jane Lynch some of the extra money they’ll earn by tacking “3D” on the title and charging higher ticket prices to fans? It doesn’t fit the minimum effort, minimum investment, concert cash-in business model.